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Course Description

Listed below is a brief description of all the subjects students will learn or practice during the Barbering Training Program. 

PROFESSIONSL ETHICS:  Deals with the proper conduct of the student in relations to the employer, clients, and co-workers.

HYGIENE AND GOOD GROOMING:  Hygiene concerns both the public and the individual in relation to the cleanlines and healthful living habits.  Good grooming refers to the student in regard to the individual's appearance.

VISUAL POISE:  Refers to the growing of one's self into an ideal pattern that is beneficial to him/herself and society.

SCALP AND HAIR TREATMENTS:  Preserves the health and beauty of the scalp and hair.

HAIR CUTTING/SHAPING:  The foundation of all hair styling, performed with styling shears, razor, and/or clippers.

HAIRSTYLING:  The ability to create, with the hair, a frame for the head and face that compliments a person's complete look.

PERMANENT WAVING:  Care and knowledge of curling the hair permanently through the use of chemicals.

FACIAL TREATMENTS:  The process used to enhance the beauty and health of the skin of the face.

HAIR COLORING:  The science and art of changing the color of the hair through the use of chemicals.

HAIR BLEACHING:  Partial or total removal of pigmented color from the hair through the use of chemicals.

​ BACTERIOLOGY, STERILIZATION, SANITATION, & DECONTAMINATION:  Knowledge and use of measures taken to promote and protect good health against harmful germs.

SKIN AND SCALP:  The study of these areas and their structure to treat these areas effectively, give advice and further enhance their beauty with future treatments to keep them healthy.

DISORDERS AND DISEASES OFTHE SKIN, SCALP, HAIR & NAILS:  Recognition through examination and treatment of these conditions as they exist.

THE HAIR:  One of the most important aspects of our profession as it concerns the adornment of people in regard to THEIR appearance and its relation to the styling and continued healthy growth that we can promote.

ELECTRICITY & LIGHT:  The benefits, effects, and safety factors of electricity as applied to Barber Training.

CHEMISTRY:  A basic understanding of the chemicals used in our profession.

SHOP MANAGEMENT:  Key factors used for the successful management/ownership of a shop including day-to-day operation, growth, and future opportunities and the background studies needed to achieve these goals. 


STATE LAWS:  The laws relating to barbers in the State of Kansas.


FIRST AID:  The basics of first aid and how it is applied to our indsutry.

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